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King Mandarin can arrange living accommodations to optimize your experience in Guangzhou. You will have a choice of several different types of accommodations.

All bookings are only valid for the person for whom they were originally intended.

Accommodation reservations may be changed with appropriate advance notice from the student.

All accommodation offers are dependent on availability.

Host family

We encourage our students to live with Chinese-speaking families or students, which will help you to practice your Chinese skills, learn more common Chinese words and sentences, and give you the opportunity to experience Chinese daily life firsthand.

If you choose to stay with a host family, you will have your own room and free broadband Internet access. Please remember to be courteous when sharing your host family's bathroom, washing machine, kitchen, and TV. All host family homes have running water, electricity, gas, and air conditioning.

The average commute to the KM facilities from a host home is 40 minutes. You should be able to find shops, banks and post offices in your host family's neighborhood.

Accommodation Fee: 2,500 RMB per month

Sharing an Apartment with Another International Student

KingMandarin also offers to help its students rent apartments in residential buildings. One option is to share an apartment with another international student.

The apartments are simple, but well equipped to meet your needs. Each student is provided with a single room, and every apartment comes with Internet access. Please be courteous and understanding in sharing the bathroom, kitchen, washing machine, TV and air-conditioning with your suite-mate. All apartments have electricity, running water and gas.

Accommodation Fee: 3, 000 to 4,000 RMB per month

Private Apartment

King Mandarin also offers to help its students find single apartments in residential areas for students who prefer more private accommodations.

As with the shared apartments, single apartments are spare but well equipped. Each apartment has one bedroom, one bathroom, an equipped kitchen, a washing machine, a TV, and air-conditioning. All apartments have Internet access, running water, electricity, and gas.

Accommodation Fee:  5,000 RMB per month

Translation & Interpretation

We provids conference and trade fair interpretation  and translation  service, tourist guiding, business interpretation  etc.

Airport Pickup

KingMandarin offers an airport pickup service. If you need it, please give us the information about your flight 1 week ahead of time. We will arrange for someone to meet you at Baiyun Airport and take you to your accommodation/hotel or our school (school drop-off only available during working hours).

Pick-up service fee is RMB 200 (Free charge for the first time to study in KingMandarin)


Visa type

L: Travel    F: Business  

The simplest procedure is to apply for an L Visa before entering China. L Visas are valid for 30 to 90 days. KingMandarin can also present you with a certificate of admission to supplement your documentation.

KingMandarin also can offer you some visa services to extend your visa if necessary. If you can present us with all of the relevant materials, KM can help you with your application for a visa or visa extension. In the case of visa extension, you will need to prepare your passport, the registration paper from a local police station and your medical report.


Orientation will help the new residents gain the knowledge in adapting to the dynamic lifestyle of Guangzhou. We will provide crucial information about getting settled and answer common questions. Such as:  Transportations ,banking and money matters, hospitals, eating in Guangzhou, sightseeing spots in the city, websites and magazines about Guangzhou, emergencies, shopping in Guangzhou etc.

The cross culture understanding  training will help the new residents easily avoid blunders and misunderstandings caused by cultural differences and improving cross-cultural awareness ,and also help expatriates rapidly adapt to a new environment and integrate into the local team.

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