International Hospitals for foreigners in Guangzhou

International Hospitals for foreigners in Guangzhou


Which hospital should I go in Guangzhou?          
     Don't worry! There are many hospitals are special for foreigners medical treatment. And not only these hospitals you can go, but any hospitals can receive foreigners for regular check.

Emergency Service:

Firstly, you need to know that 120 is the telephone number of medical emergency in China ,which u can dial anywhere around the nation.

The ambulance will arrive timely but sometimes it may be late because of the traffic. Whats more, it will take you to the emergency centre of the city or the appointed hospital, or even the one for your medical insurance.

Secondly, you
re supposed to pay the treatment of the emergence with the reasonable cost. And it most depends on the emergent treatment you get and the distance from the site where you receive the treatment to the hospital.

Foreign Hospital

There are many hospitals, clinics and dental clinics opened for the foreigners in many big cities of China. Some hospitals or clinics can provide all-around medical service such as surgery, physical exam and be in hospital. Some small clinics can only provide simple or mild illness diagnose and treatment. If you want to see a doctor, you can make appointment by making telephone calls or doing in related websites.  

There are dental clinics specially providing service for foreigners. You need to ensure your insurance can be paid for dental fee before treatment otherwise you need to undertaken all the fee by yourself. Most of dental clinics in China are in membership system.

The major International hospitals in Guangzhou.

CanAm Int'l Medical Centre | 加美国际医疗中心

5/F, Garden Tower, 368 Huan Shi Dong Road Guangzhou

广州市 越秀区 环市东路368号花园酒店花园大厦5楼

(020) 8386 6988, 8387 9057 fax 8760 5276

Mon-Fri 9:00-18:00 Sat 9:00-13:00

Chang Jiang Global Doctor | 长江环球医疗门诊部

C1 Tian Yu Garden, 136 Lin He Zhong Road Guangzhou

广州市 天河区 林和中路136号天誉花园C1

(020) 3885 2896, 3884 1851 fax 3885 2811


East West Medical Center | 东西方医疗门诊部

Room1401, 14/F, Office Tower, Citic Plaza, 233 Tian He Bei Road Guangzhou

广州市 天河区 天河北路233号中信广场写字楼14楼1401室

(020) 3879 7605 fax 3879 7606

Eur Am Int'l Medical Center | 康辰医疗

1/F North Tower, Ocean Pearl Building, 19 Hua Li Road, Pearl River New City Guangzhou

广州市 天河区 珠江新城 华利路19号远洋明 珠大厦北座首层

(020) 3759 1168 fax 3758 5531

Global Doctor Clinic | 环球医生医疗中心

7/F, Ying Dong Treatment Centre, Guangzhou No 1 People's Hospital, 1 Pan Fu Road Guangzhou

广州市 越秀区 盘福路一号广州市第一人民医院英东门诊楼七楼

(020) 8104 5173 fax 8104 5170

Guangdong Concord Medical Centre | 广东协和高级医疗中心

9/F, Dr YT Fok Heart Centre, Guangdong Provincial People's Hospital, 96 Dong Chuan Road Guangzhou

广州市 越秀区 东川路96号广东省人民医院英东心脏中心九楼

(020) 8387 4283, 8387 4293 fax 8387 4303

Clifford Hospital | 祈福医院

Shi Guang Road Guangzhou

广州市 番禺区 市广路

(020) 8451 8333  

VIP Birthing Centre | 国际妇产中心

3/F, Superior Medical Centre, 2nd Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical College, 250 Chang Gang Dong Road Guangzhou

广州市 海珠区 昌岗东路250号广州医学院第二附属医院(河南医院)高级医疗中心三楼

(020) 3415 3173

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