Daily Mandarin/Cantonese

This course is prepared for the beginners which include phonetics,tones, common vocabulary,sentence patterns. You will master 400 words and be able to talk and listen about everyday activities like greeting, introduction ,shopping and so on .

This course is suitable for people who have learned pinyin and other basic words and expressions. The contents of this course related to daily life and work. All the basic words, sentences and grammar points will appear repeatedly in contents.Therefore, your can make progress in a short time.

This course is prepared for students who want to study further and master 800 words .After it ,you will master more than 1500 words and have no barrier in daily life,traveling and work.

This course is fit for people who have the basic ability in listening and speaking and with a vocabulary of 1500 words.After this course,you will have a good command of over 2500 words and express your ideals naturally and fluently.

This course will be a good choice for students who have master more than 2500 words and  general Chinese grammar .After learning,you will master a series of complicated communication items related to life,study,work,society and culture.

This course is suitable for the learners who have master over 3500 words and have reached the average lever in listening and speaking.After finishing this course,you can express your own opinions ,analyze and evaluate things in Chinese completely.

   Business Mandarin/Cantonese

The course covers fundamental Chinese communication in the business world, such as daily intercommunication, business etiquette, commercial activities, negotiation and consultation.

Ability to use appropriate expression on polite social occasion of reception,greeting,introduction,apology and congratulation.

Ability to use appropriate expression for shopping,traveling,bus riding,telephoning and appointment making.

Ability to use appropriate expression for commercial activities such as giving a brief account of a company or product,getting or giving a quotation ,comment or statement.

Ability to use appropriate expression in consulting,negotiating,

bargaining,writing or revising a plan,discussing a way to cooperate,making a comment on a subject in addition to analyzing and sorting out problems.  

Upon completion of the course, you should have a command of about 1,200 new words and 200 sentence patterns, and the ability to conduct basic discussions with Chinese business persons.

   Fun Chinese for kids

Language researchers know the optimal time to learn languages is as young as possible when the language part of the brain is still very adaptable.         Learning Mandarin is difficult because it is so different from English. It is a tonal language, highly conceptual and not phonetic - all of which children adapt to easily where adults struggle. Thus, an early start is strongly recommended.

Level 1 Kids learn the alphabet, say their names and recognize animals.        

Level 2 Kids learn about numbers, say parts of their bodies and recognize the clothes they are wearing.        

Level 3 Kids learn to talk about their feelings, ask for directions and tell the time.        

Level 4 Kids learn to talk about their favorite places, houses and hobbies.


   HSK Preparation


Pass the first level,that means you can understand and use very simple words and sentence to meet the basic daily needs.

Pass the second level,you can use Chinese for simple and direct communication, achieve the primary Chinese master level.

Pass the third level,you can use Chinese complete life, study, work, and other basic communication task.and when you travel in China,you can handle the most problems.

Pass the forth level,communicate Fluently to Chinese native speakers,talk about a wide range of topics in Chinese.

Pass the fifth level , you can reading Chinese newspapers and magazines, appreciate the Chinese film and television programs, give relatively complete speech in Chinese.

Pass the sixth level ,the highest level , can easily understand  Chinese information you heard and read ,express you opinions fluently in oral or written form.

HSK Preparation is designed for people who want to take the examination,we concentrate on exam-oriented guide and a serious of actual combat training to help you past the exam easily in a short time.

VIP- 1 on 1 class- Jimmer one of the CBA Star
Kid Class- Trump's granddaughter